Our Guarantee

At MXL Engineering & Associates our projects begin differently than other companies. We first would love to get to know you, listen and understand who you are and the visions for your project. We will have person collaborative pre-design meetings either in our office or at your building site. You will have a chance to know us as well as our process. These meetings are all about you and your visions for the home, your plans, and your style. Your pre-design meetings will be held with our Architects, and Engineers and will answer some typical questions. Some commonly asked questions to consider are:

  • What are you exactly building? Brand new home, Addition, walkout basement?
  • What is the approximate building dimensions?
  • What is your favourite architectural style?
  • What is the most important feature to you? (Kitchen, Washroom, Bedroom, Living, Dinning)
  • What is your design objective? (Entertaining, functional living, the flow of the house, warm atmosphere, family friendly…)
  • Is this build going to be your permanent home? Is it a Rental Property? Or is it a temporary?

 We look forward to meeting with you, getting to know you, and designing for you.